Thinspo Madness

Yesterday I was watching shit on youtube and related media to another I came across a thinspo or thinspiration video. Then I realised there were more, a whole lot more and that its been around for a couple of years now. Frankly Im shocked to see how eating disorders are increasingly a problem.

Im sure Im not the only one to have realised how more and more women are getting skinnier than the other. And thats all over the place: on TV, magazines, in music, movies, runways and even around us. I finished high school 9 years and I remember girls back then were not as skinny as high school girls today. When I walk down the street nowadays, I see eating disorders everywhere. Its like being smallest as possible no matter what it takes is everybodys main goal now.

It makes angry and sad at the time. I have to admit I have struggled with an eating disorder myself since I was 15 years old. What I have is somewhat uncommun, its called ED-NOS wich means eating disorder not otherwise specified. What it really means is that I have every symptom of anorexia except for one. The one that I dont have is purging. Most anorexics have bingeing episodes where they eat large amounts of food and then feel guilty and either induce themselves in vomiting, using laxatives or over-working out. In my anorexic days I had a few bingeing episodes but I never purged. Puking is fucking gross and doing it is addictive and its bad for your teeth, your breath, your stomach, people can hear you doing it and worst of all, it makes you want to binge even more.

I can proudly say that I have not been sick for a few years now. Of course, Im human and sometimes, like a drug addict, when I had though times I slipped back but its pretty much behind me now. I dont even own a scale anymore!

I really wish all those girl will realise they can be so beautiful without having to be that skinny. It a torture process. it hurts the mind, the body, the friends and the family. Yeah we all wanna be thin and pretty but we dont wanna push it to the point where your skin turns yellow, your teeth fall out and your boobs disappear. Come smoke a fattie with aunt platypuss. Itll give us the munchies. Then we can feast on water, celery sticks without dip and cigarettes...

Uploaded 05/15/2009
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