This and That

I haven't blogged in a while cuz I've been really busy but I thought I  would drop some thoughts.

I just gave What's her name a ring after 9 years together.... It payed off in wild barnyard sex that hasn't been seen since  the early days.

I am a middle manager who is a direct report to 4 senior managers who all cannot stand each other.... it makes for some VERY awkward and intense moments when trying to determine the course for our unit or even day to day operations.

My mom passed about 3 months ago...... It really sucked, if you are estranged from your parents no matter what the reason try to re-connect it will be worth it.

I'm famous (sort of)  a review I posted on Amazon is now part of the book's reviews in the printed version.

My car is a 5 speed which is really fun to drive until stuck in horrible Miami traffic.

After being in Miami for about 2 months, when I returned home, I found myself still using the same aggressive driving style, to the horror of my fellow drivers around me! Had to consciously tone it down.

I try to visit with my dad at least a couple times a week but we have absolutely nothing in common, it usually results in a 3 - 4 hour visit watching TV and not saying a F'in word.

I have become addicted to the TV series American Horror Story, don't know why it's stupid as balls but I  can't put it down..

Debating on ordering a Kindle fire (wish it had  3G)

Stopped drinking soda and switched to water lost 17 bounds.

I have 2 dogs one of which has an injured back, it's tough keeping them for playing with each other like they are accustomed to, kind of feel like a mean parent yelling at them to knock it off with them  (especially the hale one) not understanding why they can't play.

Just took 2 somas and 4 ultram to ease the aches from 3 ruptured discs, am kinda fucked up.

Wish I had the opportunity to just retire and travel..

Ordered special hot sauce from St Augustine and  still haven't received it... getting kinda pissed.

Wonder what I should request for X mas (kinda have  everything I need)

Very excited that the base price of a Mclaren supercar went down fro $ 1 million to about $ 299 K.

My neighbor (black) has a pit-bull puppy locked up in a cage and it yelps and howls all night  long, have asked him to take it in to no avail, guess i'm gonna have to escalate.

Am excited with the coming holidays! Love Thanksgiving and Christmas (the energy and positive feelings)

Maybe I can get some Dark Matter (building block and substrate of the Uniiverse) for Christmas , Just a small  amount would be fine

My sister in law moved in with us, while tensions are a little strained between the 2 sisters, (2 woman in the same house) I get the best of both worlds, (no not a tag team) but they both keep the house immaculate and cook to beat the band (important stuff as you get older, trust me young guys)

Sometimes wonder if we were actually taken by the rapture  and the afterlife is exactly like it's predecessor.

Marvel at the apathy and lack of ambition of the kids (young  adults) being hired and working for me) I walk faster than these young bucks and they just don't feel the need to  apply themselves. If I had my choice I would hire 30 - 40 yr old wiith families etc (They WILL work) unfortunately policy dictates otherwise,

Well I guess that's enough That, now for the This.....

JK I'm gonna close with a joke

Q:  Why does a chicken coupe only have 2 doors?
A:  Because if it had 4 doors it would be a chicken sedan!

Randomly yours

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