This Blog & Prayer is for the man who pass'd out "AIDS"!!

Well!!! you SONOVA"NOTHING"ASSFATBITCH!! I can see right through your "cheap" little so-call'd mask. The guts you have(to say all of that)must be eat'n yo ass alive. It's nobody else's fault that you were the same way that all of your "girls" were. You need 2 be fuck'd up "yo" ass for the remainder of your "short" useless life BECAUSE, It's nobody's tragedy that you were your own hoe, that couldn't keep "his" legs down. And i bet you never cared about Babies either,huh? Well for the sake of GOD i pray, LORD JESUS" please don't let there be any kids by this "Fool" of yours. For he MUST not know to pray and believe that "AIDS" for him was a wake-up for all "men" as well as all Women. Still, bless his soul for he does not know no better, and god i pray to teach him how to love hisself as well as others(women) before coming to see your face because if not, He'll burn throughout all eternity and his soul will feel every bit! I'm scared for him lord, because he does not know that he's more safe when he's alive, cause when he meet you,.............whewwwwwww!! I;mma feel it too in JESUS name, Amen!!    Finally, to everyone who's read'n this blog, I am a strong Black Woman Who Cares for all of the innocent 15,16,&17yr old females that "he" tramatized for life!!

Uploaded 07/22/2008
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