This bullshit needs to stop now.

Ok, everyone knows about the other site that I made for a few of the serious bloggers here to go to blog, and to get away from the petty childish drama that goes on here.

I apologize to everyone there, for the breach in security.   I completely understand if you no longer trust my abilities to keep that website secure from outsiders.  I understand that you posted there assuming that none of it would ever leave that site, which is why you may have felt comfortable posting content there, that was never intended for this site.

Certain people who have no lives, and thus nothing better to do, than to try and fuck with people's real lives over some petty ebaums bullshit, have finally, after many many many attempts gained access to the site under false pretenses, and obtained information which they are now using as ammo in this e-war.

I'm posting this today to inform everyone who intends to visit that site, that when you visit your IP address is recorded.   The purpose of this, is so we are able to block certain ip's from accessing the personal content that is on that site.   Even if you do not register for membership, we aware of your presence.   The purpose is not to "phish" for information to use against you... it's solely the purpose of security, needed to insure that the content is only seen by those who are welcome there.  It's the same for any other forum-type website you register to. 

This has gone too far.  It's past the point of e-drama, and is unfortunately spilling over into real life. 

I'm asking everyone to please, for once in your life, act like a mature adult, and have a little respect for the privacy of others.   I understand that it can be fun to carry out troll wars... but this is not fun and games anymore.   None of what was on that site (related to ebaums or not) was intended for this site.  Each member posted that content under the understanding that it would remain private, within the group.

If I, or any of the members of that site, finds content from that site, here, it will be reported immediately to a mod who understands the circumstances of this situation. 

Seriously... this eye-for-an-eye bullshit has gone too far.    I'm not answering anyone's questions about this anymore, because if it involves you, you know, and if it doesn't involve you, you shouldn't care.

Uploaded 07/13/2011
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