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  America should get back to producing desirable, useful and quality goods. Companies like Milwaukee Tools in America and Bosch in Germany are examples of companies that produce high quality, useful and technologically advanced hard goods using local man power and a commitment to quality. Incentive programs or structures within America should be devised to promote this type of growth. The American leaders should not look at China as an economic challenge but as an economic opportunity.


As China's prosperity grows so will her desire for manufactured goods. The citizens there with disposable income will desire top quality merchandise, not the crap they produce. Big business in the US would be well advised to keep the latest and greatest within the US. The results would be two fold, first they would be preserving the established US market, and two their manufactured products will feed emerging markets that are growing in China and developing countries. People in developing countries know the value of a buck, and like past generations of North Americans will only buy quality goods. Our mindset here in North America is a disposable one, in emerging markets they are still preservative and the products they buy will reflect that attitude.


Business is a selfish entity for obvious reasons, that is why it must be convinced by governmental leaders and citizens to behave in a way that benefits both sides of the equation. Business will always take care of itself as a matter of survival it has no moral compass, it simply looks for more opportunity and growth.


Business engaged in environmental or social programs only do so because it will improve their bottom line. Like wise leaders here in North America must develop arguments that will convince business they can improve profits by behaving in ways that preserve the economies of North America.  The Cap and Trade Program provides the incentive for business to behave in the opposite direction. The reduction of pollution is extremely important and supported by most citizens. The reduction of pollution is a commodity that is desired here not in third world countries. Monies secured for pollution reduction should be utilized here where there is a market for it.


In the future as research and development improves our manufacturing processes, so to can these products and the means to produce them be sold around the world. It is the responsibility of every American to convince business that North America is still the land of milk and honey and it is time our governments paint that picture for them.

Uploaded 07/17/2010
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