This country is heading into a depression! People, we need to do

This country is in serious trouble right now. There are not very many good jobs out there anymore. All three US auto makers want to file bankruptcy. Wall St. is having problems, a bunch of other companies are having major problems to.

Bush wants to send out another stimulus package. I doubt it will go through. It was supposed to be from $600—1200. However, that is not the answer to our problems. They send us all money and we go spend it. That did not save our economy the first time, why would it help now. They are also borrowing the money from somewhere else. Some people think it is coming from China. Wherever they are getting it, it doesn’t matter, they will have to pay it back eventually! That will someday mean more taxes for us to pay, if they ever do figure out how to pay it back!

We have a national debt that is in the Trillions of dollars all ready, but they don’t understand that borrowing more money is just going to make it worse. How and when is the govt. going to figure out how to pay that money back?

One other big problem with them stimulus checks is that I am working and paying taxes regularly and I only got $330. My mom and dad are both retired and they got $600 each! That makes no sense. Why the hell are they giving retirees more money than someone who is working? WTF!

I think this country is heading into another depression! Bush has done nothing to help our country’s economy! I don’t think Obama is going to help any either. If the big three car makers in the US go under, that will be it! Our economy will really be ruined, especially in Michigan. Almost any job you get in MI leads back to the auto industry, in some way or another in MI. So without the domestic auto industry, our country is going to have some real problems!

I don’t mean you need to go buy a Toyota that was built in Detroit or anything. That is not good either. Yes, the people making the car will get paid, but all the profits are going back to Japan. You should be buying Ford, GM and other US name cars! Too many Americans are buying foreign cars. Why? You think they are better quality or something? Yes, a lot of them are, but not all imports are better than all domestic cars in all ways. Anyway, when I was in the Army, I was in Germany for a little over two years, I did not see very many US cars on the road over there and no us car dealerships! The few US cars I saw there were owned by US Soldiers who had the car shipped from home! Japan is the same way. Now if they don’t buy our cars, why the hell should we buy theirs?

I know we send them countries other products, including Microsoft and food, etc. But that is not good enough. If we want to save our economy, we need to help ourselves by buying our own products and helping our economy. Otherwise we will be in another depression real soon! Now that GM and other car manufacturers are laying people off left and right, a lot of other companies will have to lay people off to and all those people will be looking for a new job soon. If you are already looking for work, you will have to compete with Millions of other people who are getting laid off and some others who are just getting out of college.

I know gas prices have gone down for a while, but when Obama takes office, they only go back up again! I know this, because every time there is an election, prices go down and when the new president takes office, they ALWAYS go back up! It happened with both Bushes, and Clinton.

One other thing that we need to do is have better candidates for President than we have had. I know the President is not the only problem; however, it would really help to have someone who knows what they are doing with the economy. I personally think that no one should even be allowed to run for office at all, unless they have a degree in Business or Economics. That would help a lot.

So people, we as US citizens need to do some things for ourselves, starting with buying American products and controlling illegal immigration. That is just the tip of the iceberg though. Sending out economic stimulus packages is not going to solve our problems. Granted, I am not going to argue if the Government wants to give me free money, but we will still have major problems. Watch the news and see what is happening to the auto industry. If we don’t help out and start buying more American cars and other products, no one else in the world will and there will be less and less jobs available and a lot more people trying to find a job, making it harder for you and everyone else in this country.

Reagan had the right idea, at least  in concept when he talked about trickledown economics. It may not be a perfect science, but it is better than what we have now. When he was in office, our economy, for the most part was doing good. Basically, when you buy an American product, that gives the store that sold it to you money and the company that made it had money, the people who supplied the material to make it got money and they could spend the money and continue the cycle. It is not working like that anymore and the more foreign products we buy, the worse this country will be!

Even when you buy American products, you help the other countries to, because they get a lot of parts for US cars from other countries. That is, if that makes anyone any happier about being able to support the foreign companies.

Uploaded 11/21/2008
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