This is for the girls out there....

Now comes this girl who was in the movie Moonlight and she posed nude and it got out, and then of course here comes the attorneys who threaten to sue if anybody post the pictures. OK. LADIES if you take your clothes off and have your picture taken and if guys find out WE WILL go out of our way to look. I have no problem who takes their clothes off but I do have a problem when that same person complains about it. It's just like the Chippendale's/G I Joe character do you hear him complain?


I dont know when it happened but women have a lot of power and many women paid a heavy price so these women could have this power and of course the most logical thing to do once you have power is have your picture taken nude and then cry about it later. Equality is a Bitch when you find the price you have to pay for it but you ladies will learn or you will take better pictures and stop complaining. I keep thinking about the Kim Kardashian movie where she was complaining she didn't know she was being filmed and if you watch it, you see and hear her talking about changing outfits and entering and reentering the room. Poor poor Kim.



Thanks for reading Bohank

Uploaded 08/15/2009
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