This is from the ginger kids new video on Youtube

So I wanted to try out Youtubes speech recognition.  These are the captions that it found.  All are from the video WE MUST STOP THEM. I found it funny.


Stop things about this.  So the I saw the commercial TV myself did the commercials on TV.  What the heck does that? What was that?  So, parties for salinas and fun of me? What? Isn't that the so that they'll be of our people in? I will be I'll be lifted all right. I will not be happy. you know it's hard to turn down everybody support.  I'd like to share, he's not the killer definitely taking it to the floor. But definitely take it too far.  You know?  I don't know what he's trying to do.  he's using the do you see me?  I won't let that happen.  I don't know what I'll do.  The old do something.  I will do something.  I don't know what other up on the way to give that episode to make sure that it's a mistake to go.  How about my people?  sprint and ATT kids attend. Especially because it may.  I'm not going to have that happen. And I think you know that.  No, I think I think it's a challenging the.


As the debate yes ralph you the big bucks and slap in the face the nation.  Yes, get some left and right.  But wants his fund have it's high about it.  Normally if Hilary loses don't care.  Does the way people though she was so.


The little kid. You know are sick and tired of you talking about i'd have to speak for black people.  Say that they don't appreciate using the N-WORD in the ship, That's horrible. And now you're putting the on the would show that I cannot stand.  Did you think that means that happy?  Not the least, not the least states. 


Support.  I'll leave it on on unarmed guards be so stupid.  Do not see nothing that's it.  So I saw it alright.  Brown intends to the well that's easy.  I was like while really OJ- yet.  Well coordinated not seen.  He already had no doubt scene of that.  Why not let you get away with it.  I'm not going through.  He's the guy and you're all all right.


I will.  Say something.  you know I have a voice their disgust you.  Have the right to say wether or  not you make fun of me he had to say.  I think it's.  Some of the ladies downgrade. All right.  Welcome laura.  I'd like to show for a long time good night.  I think that that is that it is I would never watch that show again.

Okay.  So do you do there in it is that is that a valid origins of people budget.  I will not what's it like there is every other read it first an update.  For anyone who's really bust stop for.  As you know ever been offended by the do not what she said.  That's that's right.  I can't fight back.  You know I'm sorry that this isn't real close.  Whole new face.  Oh with us.  What what was used again?  The streets.  What is this?  You'll hear from you again.  All right you're and proud of it.



Well, there is some creepy stuff in it.  Like, stuff about Oj simpsons troubles and what not.



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