this is just a question

does Platypuss ever sleep or log off of EBW? i'm not being judgemental or anything, but i realize that there is an outside, errr, outside, and i do go out there when prodded. it just seems that she is on here everytime i jump on inbetween web projects or when i am severely close to raping and murdering (in no particular order) large crowds of people. i commend her dedication and constant vigilance. it must take a lot of bong hits to stay on here constantly. and with said bong hits loads of Funyuns. like i said PLatty, i mean no ill will with the question, i just wanna know. and i figured it might spark a fuckin conversation on this dead fish website.

on that note i guess i could stoop to the shitty levels of some other worthless bloggers on here and talk shit about someone to inject some life into this dead site. so here it goes:

wallboy, you can eat a fat dick till it nuts in your dirty whore mouth, swish that semen around your mouth as if you were at a wine tasting at Marthas Vineyard, and choke on it. so are you gonna go all David Caradine in Vegas and do us all a favor or are you going to continue to use up valuable oxygen and natural resources that us productive members of the human race could use?




this is just a question...........

Uploaded 06/07/2009
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