This is my entry for the coveted refrash button

This one is in my top ten because she's just so f'ing oblivious to the huge knot on her forehead...she makes dumb blondes look like members of Mensa.

I am a huge fan of DieselXXX's work on the SFW porn...This is one of the first ones I watched, and is in my top ten just because I think he deserves the props.

This one is in the top ten because I would love to see what the bifurcated(split) tongue feels like on my willy...That...and I think the chick is hot.

This one...Simply because the guy's so f'ing clueless that his woman has just gotten her nut on the reverse bungee...And then when she tries to make him feel better by telling him about the orgasms she has with him...WOW...Talk about a shot to the boys...LOL.

This one is in my top ten because I can do absolutely none of the things shown...That and the contortionist biotch near the end...WOW!!!

This one gets a nod from me because some of the funniest lines in some of the best drama and action movies are in it...That and R. Lee Ermy...The DI from Full Metal Jacket...Living legend...Served in 2 wars and is now a tv star...and has been in several movies.

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