This is the stuff that really pisses me off.....................

OK so I was watching the news today and out in Washington State where they have had Christmas decorations for years and now has to allow some anti-christian group to put up their big ole sign that says God is a fairytale. We have come so far off the mark in this country, WHERE IN THE HELL IS THE COMMON SENSE???  OK OK I know if the christian's can have their thing then why not the Atheist and that is the group that is doing this, but why not? Before some of you come at me with anti-religion crap KNOW THIS I am not going to play because either you believe or you dont and I dont want to change your mind and you are NOT going to change mine.


You ask "Bo what is the difference between the two?" You see christians do this to celebrate the birth of our saviour, the son of God. The other group is just doing it because it will rankle the other religious groups and if you cant see the difference then you are blind or in denial. If the atheist wanted their "sign" up and it had some meaning other than "I am here to step on your beliefs" then I would help them put the damn thing up. Look I am near Cincinnati and lived there for many years and we had many different faiths put their stuff up on Fountain Square and it caused little or few problems. The only problem we had was when the KKK wanted and got their cross put up and we took turns KNOCKING it down because come on people hatred is wrong and no religion need to be included in that discussion.


Now before you come at me and say I am anti-atheist please read again slowly because I did not say that.


Thanks for reading Bohank

Uploaded 12/04/2008
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