this is y i dont let people hear my conversations with myself

...theyr just 2 freakin retardedaj- i went to russia to fight the communist alien space invaders from china wat did u do?random kid- lol mee 2 wat kinda shrooms were u on?aj- ... huh?kid-- i was eatin sum shrooms 2day nd that was i saw shit 2aj- sooo..... u played mario all day?kid- ..... aj- haha who the hell made that game anyway i mean like ur a the fat weak slow one of 2 italian plumbers y the hell is he the hero anyway...?kid- MY PANCAKES ARE ON FIRE!!!aj- i mean he can only jump like half as hi and hes like hahaha i can eat twice as many mushrooms wich i also dont get ....u eat mushrooms and grow giant or gain a life then u go smash floating bricks with your head for oversized floating coins while avoiding odd little walking piles of poop with eyes teeth and shoeskid- r u still on shrooms?aj- ... ur stupid i hate mariokid- ughaj- then you save the ugly bitchy princess of the retarded polkadot mushroomhead ppl from a giant fat fire breathing turtle with spikes on his bak and an anger issue to go with themkid- y r u so stupidaj- i dont sleep muchkid- o aj- haha yea thas y im talking 2 u cus u dont exist im just talking 2 an imaginary person in my head cus my insomnia is wiked bad 2nitekid- no i exist for real!!!aj- haha no u dontkid- u dont no mee YOU CANT CONTROL ME!!aj- ur about to say that ur gaykid- no im not u gay......aj- lolkid- AW SHIT!!!aj- im guna go sleep now gnite

Uploaded 12/27/2008
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