This Morning, Morgan Freeman Broke My Heart

by showing his support for usurper in chief obama.. i was very disappointed and very much confused, but then i thought.. well hes black and so is obama, so you can put two and two together and then i wasnt very surprised, but i felt betrayed. its down to a race thing with most black people and the rest of his votes are because of the liberal white guilt. why morgan freeman? i saw a meme, that said. "firefighters inherit disasters too! but you dont see them pouring gas all over it." but now since im STUCK with only two choices, that i didnt want either of in the first place and id rather keep obama in office than that MORMON idiot romney. you know why? hes a mormon. that says enough. you agree with a guy that believes his "prophet" had a magical book or glasses that allowed only him to read the word of god? well, youre a fuckin idiot too! (excuse me for not having the facts in order, i didnt take time to study the SHIT that is called mormanism) funny thing is, most romney supporters are fanatic islamaphobes, when the origin and construction of their religion is one of the dumbest ive seen, next to scientologists. got a little off topic, but thats my point. good luck america, youve got 2 idiots to choose from, both support the 1%. not you. 
Uploaded 10/18/2012
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