This 'n' That 2

WHEW, it is hot outside.  Sharon and I just finished digging a couple more rows in the garden. I was examining the bugs we found in the soil.  The pill bugs and lady bugs aren't bad, but there are some ants I'd like to get rid of.  I'll have to see what's safe to use in a garden.

The kittens were in my garden tub when I woke up.  They had been up on the sides killing flies that evidently got in the door and decided my master bath would be a good place to hang out.  They slipped into the tub and were having trouble getting out.  I filmed them for awhile to see what they would do and they spent more time playing with each other than trying to get out, though they tried a few times.  After awhile, they decided they weren't going to stay in there anymore and jumped up out of the tub.  Maybe they knew they could get out all along and just liked the feeling of sliding down the edge of the tub.  Video coming soon.

Sharon cut up some summer sausage and cheddar cheese to put on some Ritz crackers for lunch.  That hit the spot.  We're going to eat some watermelon this evening.  If my health continues to improve, I might just buy a tent and some poles and go on a camping/fishing trip.  Surely there's a fresh water lake where the fish aren't TOO toxic to eat.

My aunt called me for Ron Paul's address so she could mail him a letter about my cousin.  He's been disabled for years and they continue to refuse him Social Security Disability.  She recently saved my cousin from being foreclosed on by the skin of her teeth, then the homeowner's association tried to foreclose on him because he was a month late on his dues.  Homeowner's Associations are about as useful as a screen door on a submarine.  I'm not sure how much good Ron Paul will do her considering his stance on the "nanny state."

Before my surgery, I probably could have knocked out the whole garden in one day.  Today, I feel like I made a huge leap digging two rows instead of just one.  I don't know how many days my back will be down from gardening this time, but we shall see.  At least I have pain pills for now if it's bad.

Working with Sharon in the garden seems to be having an effect on me.  We seem to be relating better.  I don't know.  Maybe it's just Spring that's doing it.   Of course, she still has that charge to deal with, so that could be a painful scenario.  Even if she had a change of heart, they could put her away for awhile where she'd be   She seems to understand that the choices she made were bad and seems to be trying to improve, but I guess I have my doubts.  Trust isn't easy to come by these days.  That being said, I could make worse choices, I guess.  She has taken pretty good care of me all this time I've been down other than letting her son get by with stealing my meds and she's put up with my mother's rantings of her going to hell if she doesn't straighten up.  After living here this long a period of time, at least we know each other's idiosyncrasies, I guess.  She may be a little bit redneck, but she's not homophobic and she's not prejudiced.  Should I go against my better judgment and give her a chance?  Everything will probably change anyway when she moves out.  One thing I do know is that celibacy sucks.

We went looking for some more boxes so she can move her stuff out of U-Haul storage.  Boxes seem to be a rare commodity these days, though.  We were able to snag some small boxes from the corner store, but so far, that was it.  I guess we'll have to go into Tomball tomorrow and see if we can find boxes somewhere else.

My mom is out there trying to make a gate for the garden.  I tried to tell her how she should make it, but I may as well be arguing with a brick wall.  Sharon is out there helping her and she just nodded at me to quit arguing with her.  My mom wants to do it and there's no convincing her otherwise without getting her so irate that she has another stroke, so I'll just go video her making it.

Love, Hope, Peace, & Christ Is With Us All,

Uploaded 05/10/2011
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