This one goes out to you sugar doll.

Yes, that's right you know who you are.

Actually you don't yet, but you will. won't, either way it's all good, I hope.

Actually, you probably won't even ever get the chance to read this.

Actually, I'm just blowin shit out my ass now.

Actually, my stool is a nasty greenish tint, last time I checked.(My toilet is plugged up and my plunger is currently being used as a nipple on a snow woman)

Actually that's a lie.

Actually no it's not entirely a lie, it's not plugged up

Actually, I'm already annoyed to hell with my own blog I'm writing write...NOW.

Soooo...Just like every other douchebag that thinks they are worth, anything, I'm going to write a little farewell speech. It goes a little something like this:

         Hello my fellow bloggers. I don't give a shit about most of you.

Actually, haha, it goes like this:

         Hello you, you sex fiend you! I'm not really leaving at all, just a little absent for a few days. Why you ask? I'll tell you if you stop crying...............................ok that's better. Tomorrow, I have to photograph a wedding. I'm not super excited about this. I'm allergic to happiness. And it's cold outside, (WHY do they need pictures outside??!! Who the fuck gets married in DECEMBER?...It's just not right) So I'll be busy with that for a few days, with all the post-processing work their ugly asses will need. Sorry, that's mean, they are actually friends.

But the next day I'm actually, hehe, going skiing! I'm just as excited about that as a little boy is to touch himself when he realizes it feels good.

    On another note, since haUmight is just a big sex tease, I resorted to looking for fine women elsewhere. As luck should have it, I'm closing in on a sweet little hottie. I'm single now, she's mostly single now...perfect time. Wanna know the best part? She was a bridesmaid for my exwife! Haha, how's that for a FUCK YOU!!!


Don't have too much fun without me. I'll be back shortly, not that you give a rat's ass. (just about as much of a rat's ass as I've cared about your goodbyes. Hahaha)

Uploaded 12/16/2008
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