This really sucks

Well I've been seeing a lot of screwed up things lately and its all relating to the people i once knew as good and respectible people.  A lot have started using drugs, drinking,  many are no longer virgins.  That isn't the bad thing though.  Yeah, yeah, drugs and alcohol and sex aren't bad.  I've heard it all a million damn times.  I really don't care how they came to be that way or why they continue to be that way its just I don't understand why?!  For instance a girl I once knew was a total prude.  Meaning she hated drugs, alcohol and sex.  She thought they were "ewwwwww", in her words.  She gets a boyfriend that I also have known for quite some time and within 5 months of dating him she loves drinking and has sex with him more then a goddamn rabbit does.  Don't get me wrong I don't care if they're having sex but what i do care about it her being a whore and doing it while drunk, using no protection, on a couch, in front of an entire party of people. I don't get how someone can just switch channels like that in three seconds.  it's really depressing when thats all I see now.  I don't remember the last time when I got in contact with an old friend and actually liked what I heard.  Change is a good thing but I can't see how it can be with these people. 


I visited my old middle school a few days ago and I loved it!  I missed my old teacher and it was nice talking to them and everything.  Then they asked me how the rest of my graduating class is doing.  Well I wasn't going to kill they're hopes and dreams by saying they're all doing horrible now and turning into shitty people.  So i just sucked it up and told them that they were all fine and doing great.  You should have seen how happy they were to hear that!  I only wish it was true.  


If they turned out so awful why didn't I?  I had the same questions asked of me that they had asked of them.  We just both had different answers.  I really hope they stop all this stupid crap.  I can't help but miss the old times of hanging out with the people I once knew.  I know it'll never be the same but I can't help but wonder what it could have been if they didn't make the choices they did.

Uploaded 11/08/2008
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