This Town Has Gone To Dirt

Today I wake up put in my contact which I have been neglecting to do since they are hard lens and

annoy the living hell out of my eyes, but I decide fuck it, I take my shower put on my nice ironed

slacks and under shirt and button up my dress shirt and pick out my tie I went with a black Calvin

Klein steel tonal diagonal stripped tie to match my royal blue short sleeve shirt  I am a awesome

collection of professional ties as well as some goofy ones  my favorite is this on-line grey tie with

little ninjas jumping from left to right , once my monkey suit as I refer to it was complete I comb my

hair back and begin to brush my teeth, after rinsing I being to pop open my contact case and wash

out the lens than pop the left one in since I have a astigmatism in it the contact is really small but I

mastered the art of putting in contacts,  I placed the second one in and I grab my work Swiss

laptop case from my night stand and  head for the fridge to grab my lunch which is a Greek salad I

have been dreading to eat,  grab the keys from the my key holder in the kitchen and walk outside

locking my door as I step out, I look up to sky and see nothing put brown dusty clouds  I think to

myself awww fuck the only fucking day I decided to wear these fucking contacts and its going to

be dusty, so I run back inside and grab my shades put them on and walk outside, getting into my

car i drive off to work, this whole day so far im dealing with irritated eyes and consistent dust

everywhere ! I knew this town was dirty but fuck now literally. 


Uploaded 05/10/2012
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