This Week's Blogs Section Summary

Like many probably notived, this week is filled with idiotic drama and worthless blogs. The trolls are back. Tyaeda and Letemdangle. I'm not saying they are responsible for all the pathetic shit that's been going on. There's also others who spam my section. But let's get into details, shall we?

Garadain - following my school of culinary blogging, he's a role model for those who want to blog here. Take example from the best, and you'll write quality blogs.

Spanki1889 - it's great to have someone representing the academics. It shows in the blogs.

Cutedude - many blogs, no respect to the paragraph structure, grammar or punctuation. At least the blogs are meaningful and interesting

Polish_Pigeon - RPGs are for dorks but Polish_Pigeon's writing writes with such skill, that even this geek stuff sounds interesting

Letemdangle - the plagiarizer can't come up with a good blog recently. He had to make fun of my father's death and whore for my attention with at least 2 other blogs. He's proved that he can write purposeful articles as well (that blog about pedophiles and anime). You should stick to that and just stop that childish drama queen cliche, it's getting boring. You could be a good blogger if you wanted to.

Fetismo - word alchemist. Everything he writes is pure gold.

Tyaeda/LardInfamous - not mentioning the troll attacks on actual bloggers, this attention whore spammed my section with her idiotic convo with LardInfamous, a fatso who's acting like he's in love with Tyaeda. She finally has something to write about other then her obsession with me. The disgusting, low-class and college comedy jokes are pathetic and not welcome in my section, where intellectual disputes are what I encourage.

Rin/SpaceEagle - Another fat lard (Rin), this time not infamous, and SpaceEagle, a political blog spammer. They have yet to learn that there's this something called personal messaging.

ViralDarkness (proved to be Rin's alt) - Since I've made Rin look like an ignorant, who's trying to act like an expert in things she has no idea about, she's now known as a poser. ViralDarkness is supposed to be half Native American (what she claims) and male. Also a young gardener. How is ViralDarkness a gardener all of the sudden? Oh yeah, Rin had to copy some shit from a gardening website. It was easy to own that idiot. She didn't know that valerian is a plant used for calming down. She also made a comment suggesting that valerian and valeriana are 2 different plants (it's the same thing). I'm a musician and I know that. Why doesn't a gardener know? Oh yeah, I already proved that it's Rin on an alt. This is how low a failed blogger can fall after I Neko punch them - writing blogs about fertilizers. Shit blogs.

Frogbob - keeping the blog standards high; look up to this guy when it comes for original concept and creativity.

SLACKJAW - now that the trolls are beaten, bloggers like SLACKJAW emerge and add to the section's quality.

Twidget - my padawan. I'm so proud.

I missed a few bloggers. That's because they aren't important.

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