Thomaschong has turned into a butthurt little crybaby!

ThomasChong04:37 PM

check your videos before you post them faggot

you have a stolen video up check the links I sent you crybabybackbitch

go cry to the mods some more you dick sucking cornholio

04:39 PM

ThomasChong signed off.

05:50 PM

- Wed, July 10, 2013

jayduane05:50 PM

sounds like your the crybaby, you did a lot of work to just try and prove me wrong. difference between me and you, you angry little bird. is that all i said is it was a repost of a feature. you were the cryfuckingbaby. i actually search my videos before i post them. occasionally there is a repost. but as soon as i find out its a repost i take mine down. not gonna take cheap points. now get off your moms computer and get back down to your room in your parents basement, lame fuck

reposts happen, its not a big deal but unlike you, you fucking worm, you tried to claim yours was a better version, like you sat down on your computer and edited and came up with pie charts and graphics. when in fact it was the exact same video down to the millisecond and pixel. just be a fucking man and take your reposts down when they are reposts. i dont think you do realize that this whole site is based on stolen material except for a small percentage like weregonnalose that create original material. Your user name is just about as stolen as the rest of your uploads. be a little more original next time.

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