thong hike

it was 6th period the end of the day and i went into calss and sit down wen i fet a slight pull on my underwear thats wen i remembered i was wearing my new pink lace thong and it was no big deal except for wen i went to do my report it started to ride up and i new i had to pik it but im sure everyone wuld notice it i was going to ask to go to the restroom but we had a sub who wuldnt let any1 go to the bathroom then a boy dropped his book and i new it was my time i started to pick and got most of it out just enuf to get past clas then i noticed my boyfriend looking at me and i just knew what was next so i waited then sure enuf 5 minutes later my boyfriend had proceede to get behind me and he hiked my thong up almost over my head unti i ripped then got sent out but the most embarrasing part was yet to come so i new i would see him later and i always had an extra pair of panties in my loker in case of mega wedgie so i put on my extra g string and headed to the bus and wen i waled past the first seat i heard a whoosh and all of a sudden my pants were at my anklles and 50 kids were starin at my rainbow gstring laghin their asses off even my best friends were crakin up and thats wen i new this was the worst day of my life i hoped
Uploaded 07/13/2009
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