Those Crazy Artists

Artists are crazy people that can create. Their insane perspective is so unique that people are awakened from the dull-drums of everyday monotony. They compare this creation to their own life. Life is hard. It is unrelenting, and demanding. Misfortune seems to stick out more than good luck.

So when we look at a work of art, it makes us feel beyond those boundaries of everyday life. We are tugged free from our obligations, and can simply feel and experience. If a piece of art is vivid enough, it can be like experiencing lifes emotions for the first time.  

Some people see art as a diversion. To them, art is nothing but a pastime, a hobby for art enthusiasts with nothing better to do. But to me, art is life, and vice versa. I dont want to break away from that art world. I want to create my own universe, and live in it. The Real World is whats fake. Fake expectations of what the powers that be want from you. Fake interactions with people we dispise, so not to hurt feelings. Fake sincerity. FAKE FAKE FAKE FAKE, its all so fucking FAKE

By now, my videos, pictures and writing should paint an accurate portrait of who I am and whats my stance. Ill be here posting more and more, spreading out my universeYou can hang out

Or maybe Im just crazy

Uploaded 12/31/2011
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