Those Silly Angry Right Wing Radicals

Yet again I am forced to vent and rant!  I am angry, extremely angry.  I have not said anything for a long time, but now I cannot seem to keep quiet!  Obama flunkies and liberal zombies keep marching to white house propaganda and refuse to acknowledge the genuine anger that is spreading among people around the country.  Obamas robots are trying to take attention away from this anger by stating it is manufactured.  WHAT!!!??????  MY ASS!!!!!  Basically they are accusing those of us citizens who are angry of "displaying empty emotion and insincere conviction, of being an unrepresentative fringe and of succumbing to influential organizers of opposition to Obama."  Some even call us racists.  How arrogant.  Are these fools really that naïve to think that all of us supported Obama from the beginning?  Apparently we are too stupid to know any better.


Well, the anger is real and it is red hot.  It is growing and the harder they work to ignore or belittle it the stronger it becomes.  It has nothing to do with race and everything to do with uncaring and unconstitutional acts by the president and congress.


This anger has been around for a long time.  We were very unhappy with some of Bushs policies, but I can tell you we are extremely unhappy with all of Obamas policies.  The anger is spilling over and has reached explosive proportions in recent weeks and months.  Tea Parties, protest demonstrations and challenges to speeches and politicians at town hall meetings are examples of expressing this anger.  Citizens around the country are writing letters and placing phone calls to members of congress to vent frustration, along with opinionated petitions through all sorts of social networking such as blogs, face book, my space and twitter.


The majority of it is spontaneous and some of it is organized, but the anger is genuine, not manufactured.  Our anger should not bother El Presidente, but it does.  I find it funny considering there are groups such as ACORN and  Then we have a master manipulator Soros.  The difference between our groups and theirs is that ours really is a widespread geographical movement, which is ignored by the media and theirs focuses on leftist elites and a few coastal cities, which the media celebrates.


We are very angry and fed up.  A point has been reached where we are no longer going to remain the silent majority.  The country is in a tailspin and we are no longer going to sit back and let it continue without a fight.  To do nothing would be a crime.


The nation is sliding into socialism through the unconstitutional restructuring of the government and the inappropriate power grab by the president.  The economic bankruptcy due to over spending must stop now.  Statism, vanishing liberties and moral decay must stop now.


If my anger is manufactured then Obama, Pelosi and Reid have created it.      

Uploaded 08/04/2009
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