Those sneaky admin SOB's

Maybe I'm unobservant, blind or just stupid but it sure took me long enough to notice the targeted advertising that accompanies almost every blog, video or picture on this site. Now I know this may sound ungrateful for someone uusing a free website but jesus I have to wonder how much money these guys are actually making off this site.

Don't believe me here are just a few examples from JUST TODAY in the blog section only


4 sword adds in the banner

Ann Coulter and Newt gingrich banners Personal debt reduction loan in banner

Banner for South Florida's best Hrdroponics shop Now I get the irony in a couple of these and I can certainly understand and support the Idea of a free forum and the need to make money but I also have a couple of questions

With the money they must be bringing in see below:

Newest feature on the hhome page

Featured: 2 hours ago

Tags: prefight mma knockout blooper

Views: 8,274 / Comments: 652  almost 10,000 views (thanks Thad by the way) in a 2 hour old feature.

  1. Why can't we have a little security on here?
  2. Why can't they do away with those annoying redirects?
  3. why can't they police the spammers and free advertising whores (loveguru) 

Well admins, any response?


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