Thoughts from a paranoid mind?????

I just find it amazing that in today's aviation capabilities that nobody can find that plane that was heading to France that just disappeared, I wouldn't want to go to France either but damn. I just do not believe this whole story and I bet when it is all said and done there will be a big cover up and then we will never find out. I dont believe in all these so called conspiracy stories but I am just not buying this one, do you think maybe we got hit again by terrorist and nobody wants to admit it? OK that is all I got for now but in the days to come I will be talking about different conspiracy's like the number of buns and the hot dog ratio and why did Oreo have to create a cookie so damn good you can stand and eat a whole bag of them. The one conspiracy I want to discuss later is the whole number of raisins in raisin bran. I mean when you use a scoop for measuring how can that be accurate and how do we know which scoop they are using?


Thanks for reading Bohank

Uploaded 06/05/2009
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