Thoughts on Atheism and Religion.

More and more faceless/moronic peeps find the need to get vocal on my Atheism and Religion galleries. Out of the thousands of hits I get on these popular posts, it seems ironic when two or three people at a time flock to my media and spam the page with bullshit to whine about "indoctrination" and "trying to sway" people.

It's really kinda fun to watch and isn't gonna change anything, but while on the subject of Q and A, argumentative fallacies, and reminders that my only deal is very simple (posting galleries on facts and subjects of interest to me, which are favorites to many), I figured I'd add something special.

My media contains a lot of great quotes by the world's greatest minds, encompassing fact and the kind of wisdom you won't get from any holy book. And people have asked me repeatedly what my true views are on a lot of these subjects.

Since I appreciate the effort by those who would ask first instead of imposing on me what I do or don't believe in, I've whipped up some of my views in handy, quick-quote-style paragraphs. Some are long-standing thoughts I'm just articulating now, and others I've made in comments before.


My galleries encompass the subjects of and supporting the ideals of scientific wonder, human advancement, logic, and treating others with the same respect and priviledge you expect for yourself. If those ideals threaten, enrage, or spite you, then your need to vent is understandable. For these images describe you to some extent, and if it were me, I'd feel bad too.

Is it possible there exists anti-gay/woman individuals who have reason for their convictions that do not boil down to the God argument? Yes. Is it probable? No. That's why I don't really care much to entertain those who squawk against my posts. Because I know you're not the 00.001%.

Don't say you "understand" about the grey areas surrounding rape, disability, or self-preservation. If abortion is "murder either way", there is no grey area with you.

Not only do stereotypical Christians not own the concept/rules of marriage, law, or morality - they don't even own Christianity. The original form of Christianity was Roman Catholicism. They don't follow it. "God's language" was Aramaic and Hebrew (considering the Old Testament). They don't speak it. Mantles, tunics, turbans, and veils (similar to what Muslims wear) of one fabric and unadorned, are the biblical vestments of the devout. They don't wear them. Like cherry-picking excerpts to try to prove an argument, the the  bastardization of the "true word of God" in their spinoff faith is as much a joke.

I love the comments where the words of scientists and great thinkers are used by religious to try and support their case. "God may exist and to deny it is to close off your research to possibilities", and such shit like that. I love them 'cuz I know they ripped it off of a scientific journal article by a genius they read and inserted key terms like "God" and "great flood" in place of "no God" and "ice age".

Your problem isn't that I'm trying to "sway" people. Your problem is fearfulness some people may be swayed.


Just in case you're wondering or are just a dumb prick, no, I'm not trying to propose my mind is comparable to Neil deGrasse Tyson or Carl Sagan because my words are italicized and consist of more than simple phrases about nutshots and blow jobs.

Although if you get really pissed off when reading them I'm sure it's because you're probably the type who writes simple phrases and considers a paragraph a novel. But like I tell the buttheads on my galleries, that's your problem.
Uploaded 12/09/2012
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