Thought's on life

I thought of something really deep last night and I think it's worth sharing. Warning: If you get confused easily don't read this, it confuses me and I wrote it. Is life a dream? What was before our universe? What are we made of?

A simple enough statement and to anyone else a simple enough answer, no. That's what anyone else would say. Something along the lines of "don't be stupid, life is totally real" well I say prove it. I've recently begun to think it is all a dream.

What if life is just a very well thought out dream? I mean what is life was a dream so deep and so well dreamt we just thought it was real and not actualy a dream. What if I don't actually exist? What if someone just thought me up and I'm a fictional character in a well thought out story or a figment of the imagination. What if that person is making up my thoughs and actions as I go along? What if my life is predetermined by his line of thought. What if I'm supposed to die tommorow and no matter what I do I will by some twist in his thoughts?

Another thing is what was before the beginning of our universe. Most people say nothing and most people say tht time started at the formation of our universe but what was before the beginning of time and for that matter what was before that? If there's a beginning there always has to be something before it. What if our universe was created and then it will be destroyed and then created again. I wish that was the answer but then was was before the first universe and what was before that? Goddamn this is starting to make my head hurt a bit.

Another thing is what are we made of. Because High School taught me that we are made of Molecules and they are made of atoms and they are made of neutrons, electrons and protons but what are THEY made of and what are the things that makle them made of? How many levels does it go down?

I don'T know why I thought of this, I kind of regret I did because I know that I will never find the answer, even if one is answered there will always be another one. Sometimes I wished I couldn't think of somethings. I think I just wrote this to know that now there are a few more people thinking about this like I am.

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