Thoughts Ponderd but the action is not there.......

Sometimes we have those evil thoughts, mean, angry, but being human we never go through with.

This weekend was one of them, fantasizing of what could have been if I went through with actions of hostility.

To start out all my neighbors are complete redneck morons. For one at a 4th BBQ all my neighbors spurt there rederic on how these nations doomed do to that fact Obama is in office and Republicans arent leading the way. Second they actually went the way of saying Palin was good for America and would be a good VP............... Seriously.........?

I couldn't help but say to these Good Ol Boys " name a Policy that she has that is good and tell me please, She is the upidamy of being a moron." All looked at me shocked, and the rest of the night I was blackballed. Lol and behold they could not come up with an answer. Fact being I was wrong and I hurt their feelings and insulted them after I heard yes heard before hand, how They would love to see an assassination attempt on the Pez. All I could think is seeing them face the million man march preaching this shit in front of them. Wonder what would happen?

I live in the eastcoast in Virginia and thats part of the problem for me being a AZ Boy. Traffic for instance.... I got ran off the road with my kid in the back seat mind you because this fuck refused to look where he was going and no turn signal.  Then Gives me the evil eye for getting back on the road. I thought in my head having a baseball bat in hand and dragging this ass out of his car and beating him beyond recognition.......But didn't. Conscience prevails.  Another thing that happend is I was in a meeting and DID NOT screw up the conference call and got blamed by this Civilian Fuck on how I screwed over my Captain. How I was worthless as a Marine because I couldn't deal with an easy task. But 3 days before my boss A Captain of Marines said he handled it, and didn't. The day of the big meeting I sent out an email stating the number and call in 45 min prior. Guess who got blamed? There was nothing more I wanted but to reach over that table and Strangle the life out of him.......But didn't. Conscience prevails.

People look down at their thoughts of dispute as a negative thing but the fact is when someone does it......?, they are psycho. But really are they? They are acting out exactly how they feel really. In Einsteins words Those with disruptions in thought and act them out, are more human than you or I. How many times has something bad happen and you want to do something about it but your mind tells you otherwise because of the values you were taught growing up? I can bet allot. The fact is everyone has a breaking point in their life when they cant take shit anymore and react. We are human and can think, but are animals and do react when threatened.  

All in all people are people, were only human after all and here we sit blogging and bitching about everything .Why because on here, we get away

Uploaded 07/05/2009
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