Thugged out since cub scouts.

Dear valued readers,

I've become increasingly aware of the fact that people like me are not receiving the respect they deserve. The respectable, proud, bold citizens of my people demand their props. I'm of course referring to us thugs. People hate on us, and become tangled in a seemingly endless web of jeolousy, and coveting that would make any d-boy cringe. But no, we continue to shake them haters off our shoulders. We know our quadruple extended size shirts are extremely handicapping and draw attention everywhere we go. We know when a new pair of Jordans come out, it's out with the old ones and in with the new in fear of being ridiculed by some black guy we've never met before. We know that 38 inch rims are completely compromising to the structural integrity of our vehicle that we just dropped 15 grand for, but is still off the chain. We know that your not supposed to wear jerseys to job interviews, but hey! Real thugs don't have jobs. 

Despite what we know, we continue to do our theezy. And that's what makes us bold, powerful, and corageous, and most of all, we're proud. So stand up my dawgs. We is gonna ride son. Woot woot, live from the VI, represent, word G we aint playin, best put yo self in check before you put yoself in wreck ho.


Thank you,

            A proud thug, neighbor, and a friend

Uploaded 09/12/2009
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