Thumbs up for Halloween

Thumbs up for Halloween:

Thumbs up: 

For the skimpy, sexy outfits that hot girls put on for the occasion. Nothing beats seeing a fine girl with the body of a godess dressed as a naughty nurse or french maid.

For having sex with your gf or date on Halloween. Nothing screams sleazy but hot porno flick like being dressed up as a escaped covict and fucking a hot chick dressed as Cleopatra or a mermaid.

For the scary movies on TV. I love horror flicks and it's so much better being scared out your mind by a movie, then the current economic crisis the United States is going through. Whew!

Thumbs down for Halloween:

Thumbs down:

For the people that think it's ok to act a ass because they are in costume and nobody is going to recognize them. What you think we don't know who that is dressed as the cop from the Villiage People? Think again.

For the police officers "that over do it" Just a minute ago your were taking pictures with that hot chick dressed like Ariel fom A Little Mermaid, now you want to search me for weed because I'm dressed like Tommy Chong. Boooo!

For assholes that ruin it for everybody. Putting a guy in a coma because he has a John McCain or Barrack Obama mask isn't the the business. That's just plain ignorance. However... Fucking the hot MILF dressed like Sarah Palin is.

This concludes Cannon's thumbs up & down for Halloween segment

Enjoy & be safe...



Uploaded 10/27/2008
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