Tie Your Tubes

Note to self: When the doctor says "Do not under any circumstance, consume alcohol until I clear you at your appointment in April" he fucking means it.

I always have to learn my lesson the hard way. But it was a rough night, no, it's been a rough 3 weeks, and I just wanted to get laid.  But he fell asleep, and what are normally his endure snores and grunts, just make me want to slap him tonight. But I've settled on sneaking a bit of my long lost love as a second best. At least a little Vodka will cleanse the infection, right?

So now I'm here, because my insomnia kicked back in a few weeks back, and I've been feeling...out of sorts lately. I just felt the need to comment on a few things I have seen in the past few days. Things that just make me think that there is some sort of conspiracy between the gods, or whatever "they" are called, telling me "You know what, embrace the pessimism, people are shitty."

First: I saw, for the first time in my life, a burning school bus. Burning is probably an understatement, this bus was well done and flipped over on it's side like an unattended piece of low grade Meijer beef. It was surrounded by clouds of dark black smoke, cops, firer trucks, the works.  Everyone was pulled off the road to see what all the hoopla was about (I fucking hate when people do that by the way, get on with your life, drive your car, if it's that big of a deal you can read it in the paper tomorrow). Anyways, I keep driving, and like I stated, it was in the next days paper.  An angry father attempted to get the bus driver to pull over because of some custody battle- he wanted his kid.  The father (drunk) then rams the bus off the road and down into a snowy bank where it proceeds to catch fire. Who does that. Jesus.

Second: I was sitting in my car, smoking a joint on my "lunch" break, around 1:20 this morning.  As I'm sitting there trying to relax and not think about going back inside to ring up more douche bags, I watch an over sized pick-up truck whip into the parking lot and begin to spin and do donuts across the crowed, busy parking lot. He then attempted to back into the spot across from me, and proceeded to back the bottom end of his monstrosity ON TOP OF another vehicle, pull forward, and get out. I was stoned, and grumpy, and sick of dealing with ass holes all night, so I opened my door and shouted, "You are aware you just backed over someone's car, right?"  He laughingly responded "What the fuck are you going to do about it cunt, mind your own fucking business." I hate the word cunt. And I hate big pick up trucks.  So I wrote down his license number and called the cops when I was a little less high. That's what I'm going to do, DICK.

Lastly:  Two women and their very small child came into my work.  It was 11:30 pm at night, and they brought him into a college town liquor store known for their vulgar music and rowdy customers. Dumb. Then, the skinny one hands this tiny kid a sucker, (he couldn't have been older than 18 months old). And then they left the kid in the candy isle while they went to grab some 40's of King fucking Cobra from the beer cooler 5 isles down. They also picked up a pack of swisher sweets, Newport's, and a bottle of Hennessy, all the while grinding hard-core on each other to some ridiculous Lil' Wayne song, and making complete fools of themselves in the process. After they finished their purchase (never paying for the sucker, but if you saw the bigger of the two, you wouldn't have bothered with the 15 cent sucker either) they went to find the kid (who had wandered towards the doorway) and dragged the child out of the store.  Seriously.  If you're that much of a idiot, get your damn tubes tied.

All and all, I stumbled upon a website that teaches me how to completely wipe myself off of 'the grid' and it's sounding pretty nice.

Side note: My apologizes if this is not "acceptable media".  I'm still new to this, can't sleep, and I need to vent.  I'm sure if it's not, someone will send me a grumpy message and I will refrain from the rambling post in the future.
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