Actors, pro athletes and very rich people live by a different set of rules. I grind my teeth a little bit every time I hear Joe Average say "If I did that I would get fired". No shit? That is because there are about 1,000 people within a few miles that could do your job as well if not better. The value you add to the bottom line and what tier of legal representation you can afford is what counts. It isn't really so much about right and wrong in our society as it is the amount of money a person controls.


Take Mike Vic. This piece of crap brutally killed dogs. Not a dog, many dogs. Any normal person feels a little sick just thinking about it. But, he can run,throw a ball, move tickets and sell shirts like you and I can only imagine. So he gets a second chance. You and I know our companies would not do the same for us but that isn't because of morals. It is because of our value to the bottom line.


Now Tiger Woods has allegedly cheated on his wife. Personally I like the guy and hope it isn't as bad as it looks. But if it is true, is there anyone reading this that doesn't think he will be out putting for millions next summer? That he won't be surrounded by middle aged balding men screaming 'you da man!' every time he tees off? He is a commodity that will be protected until he can't produce anymore. Tiger IS the PGA tour.



Uploaded 12/02/2009
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