tight money, kind heart

So as you all have read before in a previous blog, money has been insanely tight.

So on Saturday night my boyfriend, one of my co-workers, his girlfriend and I went to Pt. Pleasant and then back to his house and played his modded Wii. (my b/f is genius when it comes to modding X-boxes and Wii's) AS we where playing I was telling his g/f how times are tough and cannot even buy personal products which I am out of.(ya know mixing like 5 empty bottles just to get the last drops out.)

So today I come into work and my co-worker comes up to me and says " I bear gifts". I look into the bag and lo and behold. Tons of hair products lotions, body sprays and body wash. This little darling went through her cabinets, and cleared out all the stuff she stopped using after one use. He said she called him upstairs and was sitting on the floor surrounded by all this stuff, and said "Do you think she will get insulted,? I mean I have been there before and I don't use this stuff, so why not". He said to her "She is not like that, she appreciates the small things in life. She will be very happy." And he was right. Its amazing how just the smallest things can make a world of difference. I called the b/f and told him what she did and he says to me "We are not a charity case ya know." I said "That's not the point she knows that we aren't a charity case. That's just who she is, I would have done the same.". All I have to say is. Its about damn time I had decent people in my life. ;o)

Uploaded 08/04/2008
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