Time to Vent

I am sick and tired of all this hypocracy. Obama based his whole campaign on "change". I don't see anything new. I see the money of generations to come being spent. The only change I see is quarters, nickels, and dimes.

Next, to all you nerds who do nothing but play WoW all day, shoot yourselves now. No one loves you. You are a burden to the system because you are the ones who will live on my money.

People really need to quit saying uber and pwned. YOU ARE HUGE FAGS!! You will never get laid. Just because you hear something on G4 doesn't make it cool.

Lastly, all you "green people", get over yourselves. I feel bad for you. The government is doing nothing but trying to scam you. There is absolutley no such thing as global warming. You notice how Al Gore and his butt buddies take huge private jets to there global warming speeches. Hmmmm somethings not right. Besides, I live in Michigan, and for about 2 weeks, the highest we got was about 5 above 0, how warm.

Uploaded 03/09/2009
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