Time Travel?

So a blog about the little known Stallone Terminator movie series got me thinking about time travel. And It seems to me that, beyond the momentous technical and logistical hurdles, time travel as we would want it to be could not be achieved.


Heres what Im thinking. Im sure most of you are familiar with the concept of the butterfly effect. Imagine someone 100 years from now goes back to the year 2000. Now the movies like to make a big deal about how if you went back in time and killed someone it could change the future. But all you would have to do would be to cause slight variations in some ones activities for a moment and the ripple effect from that action could have staggering consequences.



A slight change in the timing of a persons daily events could cause them to meet someone or not. End up in an accident or not. Which would of course then effect other peoples daily events, and on and on. It could cause them to go home a little earlier or later. Maybe now they do or dont have sex that night that ends in a pregnancy. Any of these things that end up different than they would have been had the time traveler not come, effects how the future from that point unfolds. Imagine the difference of the impact of the child that is or isnt born on more future events. Its not hard to see how the ripple effect of just one situation could completely change the future after 100 years.



 Even a slight change in the timing of a couples sexual intercourse could change the type of person who ends up being born. All of this from one persons brief visit from the future. The changes in people and events would certainly completely change how , when and who discovered time travel in the future. It would also probably mean that the original time traveler would no longer exist. Would the instant the time traveler interacted with someone in the past, cause him to not exist, therefore cause the whole event to not have happened, which would then restore the original course of history, which would then bring back the time traveler Whew.

Maybe we could travel back in time and just visit the middle of the woods somewhere and drink some tequila,  just dont disturb any butterflies.

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