Time, Your lifes worst enemy.

The one thing no man can control (except michael fox) and the one thing that eventually kills us all. I mean, instead of a war on terrorism or the war on drugs, why dont we have a war on time? Now that probably makes 0 sense but i mean doesnt time kill more people everyday then terrorists, drugs, and heart disease combined? Everyone who is elderly, has AIDS, cancer, and anything else, is fighting time but they are just easy examples. We are all in a fight with time since the day we are born. Thats why we try to enjoy life, grasp every moment, and just have a general good time, because when were going down that final stretch, what do we really have left? The answer is our memories.

Memories are what make a life worth living. Everyone reads this could go back to a good memory and smile or a bad memory where you might shed a tear. But if we never had our memories or these types of moments in our life that made us laugh or cry or be happy or sad, the what was our life really made up of? I mean, i feel bad for people who live the straight and narrow because what memories do they have? They followed the rules, they studied all night, and when theyre 40 years old and just sit back one day wondering where the time went, its already gone.

What i do, and i think this is what the whole world should do, try to imagine that when you die, for eternity you will just be in a movie theatre forced to watch your entire life played back. Your basicly forced to relive every moment from the day you were born. Well why not make that the best movie you ever saw? I mean, a life has the potential to cover every aspect of every movie. I mean, i wouldnt mind watching my life, there were plenty of times where i laughed so hard i a cried (a comedy), when my house was broken into and robbed (horror), when i played boxing and baseball (action), and when my dog was hit by a car (drama). I mean we all have aspects of our life that cover those 4 genres. So why not fill it with maybe some more comedy or some more action instead of the drama and horror?

The one thing that time creates which is what i feel the worst thing that could happen to somebody, is regrets. when you regret something, its a moment in time you wont get back. When people say they regret something, they dont say it all happy. Regret is one of the saddest things a person could have. Why let a chance or an opportunity go by? If you want something go get it. Dont let your decision not to do something haunt you for the rest of your life, because there's nothing worse.

The purpose of this blog, make every hour of every day worth it. Dont sit around here blogging when you could be out at a bar or blazing with friends. Spend time with the people you enjoy being with, not the people who make you seem cooler. I mean, when our road is coming to an end, your old and just looking in the mirror, everyone should be able to tell themselves it was a good run. Live life with no regrets and just enjoy it.


Uploaded 05/22/2009
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