so i am sitting there in my class during the final and began to worry about the time left. after a quick review of the clock i saw that i had over 45 minutes left and was almost all the way through the final. I began to ponder to my self then about time in general i began to wonder if in fact time was a line that never ended or was it a giant circle that never ends or maybe even a line that stops at some point way off in the future or maybe even 5 seconds from then (i don't think it ended 5 seconds from then) .  i began to wonder what makes up the past is it a series of repeating moments or is it a compiling number of frozen images forever frozen ?  as i wonder this i wondered further into the string theory which in laments terms states that you are the only one who exists and everything around you is a creation of your mind. that certainly complicates the whole time thing. then i realized what if time is not even real if the string theory is true nothing is real so therefor time cant be real i then began to realize that i had spent too much time thinking about these things and finished the test.  if anyone was wondering which i doubt you are i passed the test with a 96% which is an A+. so i was happy, but that is some crazy shit to think about if you are ever bored think about that stuff and it is like stepping into a whole new outlook on life and time it self.

Uploaded 06/02/2008
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Tags: time and life