Times Square bomber linked to pakistani taliban

According to the USA Today (I know it's News lite, but it's what the hotel provides) The Dumbass that tried to bomb times Square had definite links to the Pakistani version of the Taliban (those enlightened and benevolent folks). And after finding this out we launched a missile at his little bomb school and killed 10 people.

Good for Us! I think that we should begin lobbing more missiles their way, whether in Afghanistan or (our supposed ally) Pakistan. In fact there seems to be a weather shift in the administrations approach to Pakistan and you could have knocked me over with a feather when SOS Clinton said

' There would be dire consequences for Pakistan if their homegrown terror groups managed to carry out an attack on the United States"

While I strongly applaud our administrations stance on the issue one thing that was included in the article made me sit up and take notice (this is quoted directly from the USA TODAY

US ATTY General "Holder said the administration would work with Congress to modify the law that requires law enforcement officers to advise suspects of the right to remain silent, known as the Miranda warning......Some Republicans, including former presidential candidate Rudy Giuliana, said the warbibgs are not aappropriate because they discourage the suspects from cooperating" It should be noted that the Times Square shithead WAS given his Miranda rights. and still talked.

 Now hold on a fucking minute there! didn't the Patriot act abrogate enough of our rights? I know the initial use is only supposed to be for "Terror Suspects" but where will it end?  The argument that it will discourage cooperation is bullshit if they're not going to talk they're not going to talk. period.

I tell you my friends we are on a slippery slope in our battle against terrorism and it is time we all stood up and started taking notice of what our government is doing in it's name

Thanks for listening.



Uploaded 05/10/2010
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