TIMMMMBERRrrrrrrr and Half a Timber

Yesterday, in the wee hours of the morning, the huge sweet gum tree that had been hit by lightning a couple years earlier fell to the ground.  We heard the noise and looked outside, but it was too dark yet to see what had happened.  We thought that maybe the raccoon  had jumped off of the porch and knocked over one of the empty garbage cans.  When light came, however, we saw this.

This morning, the large oak limb that it broke coming down fell as well.

This is really a good thing except for the extra work in this sweltering Texas heat.  Hurricane season is upon us and it's good to get this out of the way before the possible storms hit.

The wood is rotten enough to make good mulch for the garden.  The rest I'll have to store until after the burn ban is over, should Texas ever get rain again. 

Too bad the Texas Republicans are bringing the wrath of God down upon Texas.  Texas used to be a friendly place... a place that was famous for its hospitality.  Now we're becoming a desert wasteland filled with scoundrels from the pits of hell.  Of course, this pleases one very special Texas Republican.


Uploaded 06/03/2011
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