Tipping: Yay or nay

A Facebook friend of mine made a post today which made me think about something other than Hot Pockets and the next rib-tickling comment I would make on a feature.

"Hey people of the world... DON'T FUCKING GO OUT TO EAT IF YOU'RE NOT GUNNA TIP 20%... 20%  is what we're aiming for people, not fucking 5%. Today is not my day..."

I disagree with the current accepted form of tipping. I do believe that some waiters and waitresses deserve a tip if they put forth the effort. However if they do nothing more than take my order, bring me my food and then my bill, I don't believe they should be tipped. I could get the same service at McDonalds. Tips should not be based on the price of the meal, but the quality of the service.

- Scenario 1: Go out to dinner with a friend. Bill comes to $40.
- Scenario 2: Go out to dinner with a friend. Bill comes to $80.

Assume that I receive the same quality service from the waiter/waitress in both scenarios. Why should the second waiter or waitress receive a larger tip? They don't cook the meal. They didn't go out back to kill the cow and harvest the steak I ordered. Yes, a more expensive meal generally means more effort is required from the chef, but why should the person taking my order get a cut of the tip?

I expect a rational and respectful discussion in the comments.
Uploaded 05/05/2011
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