Tips for surviving a robot apocalypse

  • If you are in America exercise your 2nd amendment rights and purchase a gun. We suggest that you invest in several rifles and a few pistols for your stronghold. Do not go for cheaper ammo and cheaper quality weapons as it may cost you your life in the end. Please visit this page for our weapons suggestions. It is also smart to invest in a reload kit. Stock up on water and canned goods. Get good quality army rations. Keep extra tanks of propane. The last thing you want is to be fighting off the armies of the robot revolution while simultaneously fighting hunger and thirst. Gas Masks- Get one, get three. Its fair to assume that a mechanical logical entity would use a weapon that could not be used against itself.  Click here for more information on preparing the basic necessities and supplies.


  • Gather together people in your local area to set up a game plan for what you will all do and how to retain communication if things go bad. (Warning: BE VERY CAREFUL NOT TO TELL A ROBOT WHAT YOUR PLANS ARE, MAKE SURE YOU CAN TRUST THOSE YOU TALK TO.) If the attack ever happens we can be fairly sure the first thing they will do is disable cell phone and internet communication. CB radios may work but if you are going to use them be sure to have your own codes set up before hand. Also be sure that you do not broadcast near your safe zone. NEVER reveal your location over a CB or radio transmission. Set up rendezvous points with your trusted associates, but also make sure you have your own safe zone just in case. Be sure to set your shelters up with supplies. Carrier pigeons would be a valued asset. Or setting up predetermined locations to leave handwritten notes is not bad.


  • BOOKS! Books are valuable assets. Books on programming, it may be possible once a robot is stopped to reprogram it and use it against the machine. Books on trap making and survival would be benificial at all. Our knowledge is vast and we cannot run the risk of losing it all in the digital dump. The future generations should learn from our mistakes and benifit from our triumphs. WE RECOMEND YOU GET "THE COMPLETE BOOK OF SURVIVAL".


  • Supply yourself with entertainment to keep spirits high. DO NOT keep a laptop with WiFi capability. If you do remove or disable, you do not want to broadcast or search as it could be a tracking device for nearby robots, the same goes for Bluetooth technology. Radios are televisions are also dangerous to keep on as a robot can scan your area to see if signals are being received. If you are going to use radios for communication set up specific times to communicate to minimize your risk. Other than that keeping in good morale is essential.


  • Get guard dogs. Dogs are great natural defenders of their territory. They are highly alert to the presence of outsiders and could give you enough extra warning time to save your life. You don’t need tough dogs, or big dogs, as they will be virtually useless when attacking robots. You will want a dog with sensitive hearing. Dogs can be great companions and keep your morale up; it also is a good idea to teach them to search for food. A good hound can sniff out dinner if your rations are low.


  • Get a hunting bow. The last thing you want to do is go hunting and alert a robot to your presence with gun fire. Learn how to properly clean and cook your local wildlife. Also learn what plants can be eaten.


  • Men, no Vasectomies. Women, no tying your tubes. If the worst case scenario happens then it will be the survivor’s jobs to repopulate the earth. Make sure that when you prepare your supplies, you include some for the future children you’ll be producing.


  • FIGHT BACK! We cannot be afraid to fight the machine. We believe that some of most recent robot movies were actually created by robots themselves to instill fear in our hearts. If the day comes you must be ready and willing to put your life on the line to be united with all other humans on the planet to shout in one voice that the day of man still lives, and that biological life cannot be underestimated or extinguished. That our creativity and will to survive can outmatch any processing power. That we will not go down without a fight.


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