Tired of NY

I am a Boston fan except for hockey, I  am a devils fan becuase I live in Jersey now. And this blog is not just talking shit about the new york but proving why a  large percentage of their fans talk shit about nothing.

Lets start with the yankees. They fucking suck I am tired of hearing about their rings from the 30s. Lets see them win one this millenium. Next ont football. Bills get a quarterback, Jets get a quarterback and beat the bills. The only thing i like about the jets is the thought that Kellen Clemens has to reach under MANGOLD to get the snap .And Giants shut the fuck up. You won the super bowl, we choked, congrats. But what pisses me off is eli manning makes a lucky throw and david tyree makes a lucky catch and now Eli Manning is a gift from god. I am not sure if u remeber back in 04 when he was drafted and you guys were kicking yourselves in the balls becuase eli couldnt get a TD pass and had a QB rating of 55.4 and you traded him for picks that would land phillip rivers and shawn merriman in san diego. Eli still sucks. He has more turnovers than TD passes in his career. Now basketball, The knicks are terrible. Even New York fans know that. Now hockey. The Rangers were founded in 1926 and have 4 stanley cups. The devils were found in 1982 and have 3.

So lets compare Yankees no world series since 2000, Sox 2 in 4 years (04 and 07) and are currently kicking ass as first place in the AL east. Jets and Bills are both ass. Giants GFY. Especially eli manning. Bring your brother seyton manning too. Rangers get a cup, cuz you cant borrow ours. Knicks, you finally got rid of isaih so good luck next year. And new york fans kiss my ass.

Uploaded 05/15/2008
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