tis been a few day

it's been a few days since I've done anything, but I am back, muhhaha.  while I was away I retuned to find me inbox full of SPAM SPAM SPAM SPAM SPAM.  I do not like the spam. it does not sit well in my stomach. it is making me wonder what in the living hell is boring in people's lives, they must come to a website, AND SPAM. like who wakes up and is like GOD DAMN, I GOTTA SPAM. like fuck, I wake up and go GOD DAMN, I GOTTA SHIT, or, I GOTTA PISS! like who the fuck wants to spam? and furthermore, WHO THE FUCK WANTS TO READ SPAM, thats the sick question.

in other news. I heard some bullshit from a lot of people, here in Canada, I had to hear about some stupid as shit a local education facility was doing, and I was like wtf???? no wonder thier are so many DUMB people.  Unfortunatly, I heard dumb Americans too. I'll admit it, I watch CNN, it's more celebrity and more bullshit then any other news network, but sometimes they do good jobs. like the other night when this dipshit was on talking about I believe Poland getting a missle deffence program from America. and Russia was saying it is aimed at Russia, so the American spokesman said it was aimed at Iran and only 10 missles were their to defend. then the very next question was about a possible Nuke strike on Poland from Russia, and the dude said that Russia wouldn't because Poland has 10 American missles to protect from such attack. now I don't know about you guys. But I smell BULLSHIT. in the end, we will all goto war because no one learned from WW2. end of story. Also just tonight on Larry King, they had this Bill guy, and he is completely full of himself, but when I shut uped and listen to him. I realized he was right. Damn right. Western civilation will fail. hell 2/3 of Americans think drilling will save them. and 80 year old T.Boone Pickens or whoever(an oil man) is trying to tell them OTHERWISE. hmmmmm. oil people know drilling isn't the answer, then why is no one listening?

anyways I'm gonna shut the fuck up now. I am Muhhaha, and I am wondering, will I live in a great place, or am about to get fucked in the ass by the baby boomers?

Uploaded 08/19/2008
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