Have any of you ever met or knew a family member who shared things with you that were a little too personal or mabey they were a little senile.

I love my grandpa but unfortuantly I fear hes developing dementia in his old age hes always yelling at everybody and getting cranky. My popa tells me things I just dont need to know.  For instance when I was in 9th grade watching the dumb teen movies at the time american pie road trip I felt I should go out and lose my virginity and of course it never happened that early because I was a pimpl face gawky teenager. So since I feel I can talk to my popa about anything he proceeds to tell me he didnt lose his virginity until he was 19 in the navy with a japanese prostitute you think this is bad he then adds but the first time I had sex I didnt ejaculate! My ears burned so bad I thought they were going to fall off it was probably the top grossest thing ive heard a 75 year old say of course hes about 80 now.

My popa also once told my brother the reason black ppl have bad grades is because they play basketball all day..One what he said was racist and stereotypical and two I cant imagine evey single black student ditching school to play baskert ball its ridiculous.

Yesterday I visited him and we were talking baout his mustache hes growing which looks terrible and than I began to talk about how i cant grow one because I always get damn ingrown hairs so I look like a aumish guy when I do grow facial hair out. He later told me about how he never has had much body hair on his chest legs face and then added I dont have any hai down there but thats because im old.

It's all funny and at the same time extremley gross hearing it from your grandpa.

Uploaded 08/13/2008
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