to all complainers mostly emos

Looking for sympathy? Looking for someone to pull you off your feet and push you down the right path? Forget it. Wake up, stop living in your dream world because NO BODY in this world will help you until youre willing to help youself. Suicide is pathetic. If you dont realize how bad it is when you go around acting so sad, threatening to take your own life, and your friends genuinilly care about you. Do you not realize thats a slap in the face? Feel like killing yourself? Get help. Dont whine and complain until youre willing to help YOU. Unless ofcourse, youre doing it for the attention, but that would make you lower than scum. Think your fat? Stop smoking, get off the munchies, and maybe you wont eat 6,000 calories a day. Parents dont trust you? How bout you stop GIVING them a reason not to trust you. Dont give anyone an inch. YOU need to get off your feet, YOU need to say "i want a change", YOU have to be better than it. Because if youre not, EVERYONE will stop trying, and you can see what its really like to be alone.

Uploaded 07/14/2008
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