To all the eBaum's veterans . . .

You should all agree with me that we deserve eRep points just for coming to this site back when it updated only once a week . . . and still everyday went on it. For the pleasure of viewing the flash animation, doodoocaca along with other classics like space people, end of the world, f*ck, sh*t, p*ss, banana phone and who could forget peanut butter jelly? Obviously group x and other animations that made this site need credit, but enough of that. How should eBaums figure out who really went on this site years and years back? Simple, a quiz. To any administrators reading this, MAKE A QUIZ! A one shot contest thing where the top scores recive massive eRep points. It has to be extensive and each question timed so no newbies can cheat. Im sick of seeing these kids who post thousands of nude pictures of chicks and get PS3s and and Xbox 360s. I've contributed to this site way longer than they have. I only post material that seems like it would be interesting enough for the front page. Im sure many people can agree! Maybe in the future something can solve this?

Thanks for reading my rant.


Uploaded 06/13/2008
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