To all the liberals.esp tomlet and wallboy

   To all you fucked up liberals out there in this world i do not know what goes through your head when you open your mouths. First off on the subject of abortion why do you feel it is acceptable for you to take the life of a helpless innocent child and have no ramifications for the irrisponable parents of the aborted child. i mean there are plenty of ppl out there looking to adopt and there are foster homes and group homes for children who cannot be cared for. taking the life of the innocent is not a moraly acceptable answer. yet on the other hand you will sit there and tell me it is wrong to take the life of those on death row. now how does this make any sense to spare the life of someone who has taken the life of others or commited other horriendous crime. yet take the life of the innocent who have done no wrong thenselves. makes you think. and to the point of gas going back up to $4 a gallon so what i beleive they call that inflation when our economy recovers we will make more money so everything will cost more simple econ you ass. i mean do your really think that gas should stay below $2 forever thats unreasonable. and to your point on the detainees i believe they should remain where they are for good we have already proven that. if im not mistaken i beleive the even recaptured terrerists who had formly been released from gitmo. wait so if they arent in jail or dead they wont stop causeing problems. so why do you fight for the rights of those who want to take your rights away kind of contridictory if you ask me. but hey i do agree with you liberals on one subject legalize it is all ill say. also i dont want to hear any bullshit telling me to go join the army and fight for this country i would if i could but giving my body for football has cost me so that is out of the question. but still many of my friends are marines and army personal and they love being over there and doing wat they are doing i mean they signed up for it no one made them. no they made the concious decision themselves. but in the end we will look back and bush will be considered a hero for protecting this country and obama will end up being another hoover one of the worest presidents ever.

Uploaded 04/24/2009
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