To Be a Politician

This entire poem was inspired by a lyric by Nirvana from a song called Pen Cap Chew from the Bleach album. Kurt Cobain wrote "Kill a Politician and then wear his clothes"

kill a politician, and then wear his clothes
waggle your tongue, and thumb your nose
start a false war, when words turn to blows
do these things, then you will know:

what it's like to be, neither hot nor cold
a middle road, all bragging and bold
talk from two sides, of your lying mouth
if you don't get your way, just yell and pout

Politicians behavior, is a sight to see
It'd be a joke, if it weren't so scary
they don't represent, the freedom they claim
spouting horse shit, in America's name

meanwhile, they all drink from the tit
The breast of big business, have their fill of it
they clamor and climb, and move in to suckle
they sip till their pants, threaten to unbuckle

those fat fucking bastards, will drink to excess
more, and more, it will never be less
without any concern, they continue to nurse
while fattening their wallet, and stuffing their purse

I don't know about you, or anyone else
If I had that life, I couldn't live with myself...
Uploaded 12/24/2011
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