To Bohankeeton

Well senor, it seems you did as the others did, respond to me. Hell, i didnt even have to write a blog about you to get under your skin to make you respond. However, i would like to applaud you.

Some may ask why applaud Mr. Bohankeeton and i will tell you all my reasoning. The man has something that none of my former opponents had, a brain. Now although you did crack and give me that attention i seek so much by writing a blog about me, what you said is where i actually formed respect for you.

Bohankeeton said to stop reading my blogs. My friend, you are a thinker and i compliment you on your strategy against me. Like i said in my last blog, my battling days are over. But if this was back in the day, your tactic would be flawless and i do believe it would work and create my demise. If only Wallbitch and Platyslut thought of that i probably would have been long gone.

So i will end this saying, Bohankeeton, i will not go into battle with you. Your insult calling me sissyizzle was kind of pathetic but your message was solid. A foolproof plan to end x22tizzle is what you came up with what im sure was little thought. You looked at what i wanted most and you made a plan to take it from me. Something my less intelligent opponents did not have te brain power to do.

Uploaded 06/08/2009
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