To Catch a Paedophile?

You might have seen or read the stories of sting operations occurring across America to capture the dreaded paedophile. Basically, it's an entrapment type scheme set up to lure out the most vile of creatures. Someone pretends they are under age and starts to flirt with potential victims. Hard to know what those flirtations consist of, as the pseudo victim's words are not clearly defined, but I could see he or she writing something like, " I want to suck an older man's weenie" or some such thing. I hardly doubt the pervert would want to meet someone who wanted help with their homework.

Of course, that is just an assumption on my part, but still if you're going to catch a fish, give them what they crave. After all, it is a deliberate attempt to bring out the sick side of an individual who could have potentially never been given the opportunity to meet a sexually curious child. The paedophile may have went through life with only fantasies of such encounters, and then how would authorities ever nab him? There are probably millions of adults who want to have sex with prepubescent children. There certainly is a history of it from ancient times to the very school rooms and institutions we entrust our children to today.

Still, this idea of luring people who would otherwise not commit such a heinous act to reveal who they are deep inside without a victim or previous history is more like arresting someone for fantasizing. This type of action on a potential paedophile creates a victimless crime. Some say the act of smoking marijuana is a victimless crime and to some extent it is, unfortunately however, the very illegality of it creates an atmosphere where crimes and deals gone bad hurt people. Fantasizing about having sex with children and then meeting another adult, even if the pervert thinks it's a child, with police in the vicinity, harms no one. Unless, you count the paedophiles family finding out and watching it on national television. 

Imagine if you will, two nineteen year old men who both fantasize about having sex with an under age boy. They both pretend to be fourteen in an internet social medium and try to lure one another, thinking the other is fourteen. Authorities pick up on the exchange and are informed that the two men are going to meet for a sexual rendezvous. The two young men are captured taking each other's bait. According to these sting operations and the arrests previously made, they should both be charged with luring children for sexual acts. Seems a bit odd to me, but there can be no other conclusion.

Try this and I know this happens all the time, it almost happened to me before I was married and before the internet, in old school social sites like parks, donut shops and bars. A thirteen year old girl who is sexually curious pretends she is of age and looks it. She tries to have sex with an older woman pretending she is nineteen. The older woman accepts and guess what? The older woman is now a full pledged paedophile for the rest of her life. Shit, it wasn't even her fantasy to have sex with a child, but too bad, it's the big house for you sugar nipples. Actually, I know of no case personally where a woman was charged under those circumstances, but there sure are a shit load of men who have been. I even know of a case where the cops in my area admittedly, set it up on an emotionality distraught man because he was angry at a undercover police officer  who hit and ran over his son killing him and then fleeing the scene. Left him for dead. The man lost everything.

Let's look at another example. A gay 14 year old boy who is sure of himself and is just jonesen for some male companionship joins a gay internet site and takes an interest in a 21 year old gay male. The 14 year old might write, "I've always known I'm gay, but until recently I was ashamed and am now ready to meet other gay people to share experiences with. Unfortunately, all the people I know within my social circles, don't know how to deal with it.  I was hoping to meet older gay people so that I might experience the gay lifestyle so that I can understand it better."  Perhaps this might include some playful banter about sexual positions etc. Eventually, the now friends decide to meet in a park. Again, our watchful authorities pick up on this and arrest the older male for just meeting the boy. Should the police wait until the older man sexually touches the curious boy. I don't think they would because the precedent has been determined that the older gay is now classed a paedophile for the mere act of meeting the boy. No sexual exchange needs to take place to make the arrest, besides it could be argued following their line of reasoning that harm will come to the boy if the older man touches him in even the simplest sexual way. 

The way society perceives the paedophile as some demented lurking being hiding in the skins of only the most vile of individuals  is similar to how gay people were perceived only twenty years ago and still are in many countries and social circles. Yes, we must protect our children from them and the ones who act upon their impulses fully prosecuted, but to lure them with situations that may not have ever occurred or not understand who they are or  what their intentions are, is quite unjust and just forces them further into the darkness where no one can help them or be aware of them before it's too late.


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