To catch a Pervert

Have any of you guys ever seen that show where these older men contact what they think to be younger girls and show up at some decoy house and totally get fucked over?I think the very concept of this show is pretty hilarious. Mr. Hansen is the perfect person to do this.

And the always have to total worst excuses. My favorite ones are when they are like, "oh no, i just took two trains and 4 buses to tell her in person that this isn't a good thing for her to be doing. and i just happen to keep two boxes of condoms with me at all times"

No one buys this, so why bother? Then, when chris finally says who he is with, they cover their face as if they havent been on camera for 8 minutes. I love it when the following situation happens:

Pervert: Am I under arrest? :(

Chris: Well, I'M not gonna arrest you.

Pervert: Oh. OK :)

then, BAM!!!!

Whole squadron of cops: Freeze asshole!

I just cant believe how people can look at a twelve year old girl and think that it is morally ok to try to get it on with her. I think its funny when they argue about the age. Like when they are asked how old they think she is.

at first, they will say she said 18. then chris says," oh really, i happen to have the transcripts, wanna try again?"

Pervert: ok, well she said 14

chris:actually, she said 12.

the perv will then continue to argue thinking that if they lie about it and say she said a few years older, its not as bad. but in reality, it doesnt matter if she was 2 or 17. its still fucking underage.

Then, the cops interview them. I was watching one where the cop was asking the guy if he had said he planned to have anal, oral, and vaginal sex with this girl.

the guys acted like he was in shock and was like, "hey, i never said vaginal!"

like it really makes a difference. what a dick. i dont know whats wrong with these people. if i ever have a daughter, she gets a chastity belt.

Thats all for now. please share your views on this very sensitive topic :)

Uploaded 07/17/2009
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